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kompany's latest innovative solution makes understanding the shareholder structure of legal entities an easy task. Drill down multiple layers of ownership and across international borders to find the answers you need, with documentary evidence that is truly audit-proof. Request your demo today to get started.

Powered by Unique Features  

Real-time data

UBO discovery is powered by our live, direct connections to government registers around the world, meaning your team can rely on the most accurate data available for their KYB tasks

Borderless discovery

Our search and discovery experience ignores the barriers of jurisdictional borders and enables the freedom to complete your cross-border ownership research thoroughly and accurately

Visual ownership trees

With the interactive interface at your disposal, even the most complex structural information of an organisation becomes easy to untangle and understand, as entities are clearly identified  

Official documents

Retrieve time stamped documents directly from the registers, providing your teams the documentary evidence they need to fulfil increasingly complex compliance requirements


Upgrade Your Existing Processes

Adding UBO discovery to your existing compliance program provides an additional layer of security as the ownership structures displayed are based on and backed by exclusively primary source data and documents.

Your team can validate findings made using different third-party services with our global network of original company information that retrieves live data and official documents from their original source in real-time. UBO discovery can serve as the perfect companion to even the most trustworthy database. 

Automate and Accelerate UBO Investigations

Most businesses rely on a combination of manual research, static databases and repeated client interactions to manage their onboarding processes successfully.

For clients with complex ownership structures, delays are an expected occurrence, which can postpone onboarding for weeks and even result in the abandonment of account creations altogether. 

Instead, UBO discovery enables the automation of UBO investigations, enhancing the customer client onboarding experience, leading to a faster time-to-first-revenue and ultimately trading periodic reviews for perpetual KYB.


The Most Advanced Coverage in the World

UBO discovery pairs machine learning with our unrivalled access to global government registers to extract natural and corporate shareholders from unstructured PDFs, with an unrivalled confidence level. Corporate shareholders can then be searched for and discovered across our extensive network.

The ownership structures produced are based on, and backed by, primary source data and documents – ensuring seamless compliance with the latest AML regulations, freeing clients from the risks associated with using non-primary source data, and KYC analysts from the tedium and inefficiency of manual discovery and validation. 

Unlock the Features and Benefits Now

Reduced KYB costs 

Through the optimisation of UBO related processes, onboarding delays and customer touch points can be drastically reduced, saving your organisation time and money

Original data only

The data in the ownership tree is delivered directly from the government register and is time-stamped, ensuring that the information is 100% audit proof and of the highest veracity 

Two ways to access

You have two simple ways to get started; an easy-to-integrate API or a user-friendly web application to discover shareholders instantly without developer intervention 

Industry leading technology

We combine our leading artificial intelligence engine with robotic process automation, optical character recognition, and our live global register network to extract and analyse complex shareholder data 

Consolidated billing

Eliminate the need for multiple accounts with different register portals and enjoy the added convenience of consolidated billing by relying on one, singular service 

Exportable PDF reports 

Optimise your internal reporting with our downloadable summaries of shareholder structures, which can include additional data such as register numbers, company vitals, directors, officers and more

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